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Are you having trouble knowing what the next step is?

Feeling like it's hard to stay motivated or get into some sort of routine when everything around us seems unpredictable?

Are you feeling anxious, drained, or confused?

Have your fitness goals taken a back seat to your anxiety or lack of motivation?

We understand.  We want to help you.  We recognize how important it is to feel like we belong to a healthy community especially during these uncertain times.  We've created a safe environment in which to share our love for fitness and our support 

to help you reach your goals, or just stay afloat while we all adjust to this new normal.

Our classes are small.  Only 5 participants at a time. Temperature checks are in place before class, and mats and props are properly sanitized before and after class.  If you're in the high risk population, or don't feel comfortable attending in person yet (we totally support that) we have Virtual Classes available to keep you going.  

We are also offering PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS and SMALL GROUP TRAINING for you and your household or you and 4 other FRIENDS, so that you can control who is in the room with you!  Contact us to inquire about availability.



BOUDICCA BARRE is a Boutique Barre studio founded by Kaitlyn Frotton, an international performer and ex-athlete.  Inspired by Boudicca, queen of the British-celtic tribe who led an uprising against the Roman Empire.  ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME. 

Barre focuses on building long, lean muscles.  It's a combination of ballet (no you don't have to be a dancer), pilates, and yoga.  The entire workout focuses on the core, lean arms, strong legs and glutes, balance, and flexibility.

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